Dream Vacation

Topics: Mount Everest, Gyachung Kang, Changtse Pages: 2 (592 words) Published: September 20, 2010
Do you have a dream vacation that you would like to go on? I know I do. My dream vacation would be in Nepal on top of Mount Everest, the tallest mountain in the world. This is how I would prepare, and scale the mountain.

A year before I take the climb I would start getting physically fit. I would run 50 miles a week, bike 50 miles, and lift a total of 10,000 pounds of weights a week, and push my body to its limit. After, a few months of training I would go to my doctor to see if he thinks I could do the climb. If he doesn’t think I could do the climb. I would train for another year. On the other hand, if he thinks I could make the climb, I would go to the next step. I would need to go to “The Element of the Mountain” store and buy boots, jackets, walking poles, oxygen tanks, gloves, spike footings, tent, sleeping bags, gas stove, and food. Then I would go to my lawyer and write my will (As of 2002 200 people have died trying to scale the mountain.) I would give my family a temporary good-bye and head over to the airport and catch my flight.

Once I have landed I would go to my hotel room and sleep for a day, so I can get energy for my climb. The next day I would be ready for the climb. Once I have checked that I have everything I would get drive over to the base and get my permit to climb the mountain. After three days of climbing I would need to put on my oxygen tanks and put them on since the air is too thin. Then I can continue to the summit.

After, a few more hours I would see right in front of me my last step till I’ve officially reached the summit. I would take that last step and look out into space, wondering how mother mature could make such a high mountain and how this mountain is thousand of years old. On Mt. Everest you can’t here anything but the breathing from your mouth. So I would take the opportunity and think what I want to do with my life if I wanted to follow my kindergarten dream and become a fireman, or my child dream of becoming a...
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