Dover Boys

Topics: United Productions of America, Animation, Gerald McBoing-Boing Pages: 2 (533 words) Published: May 25, 2013
Chuck Jones probably didn’t know that during the creation of “The Dover Boys” he would create an animation style that would later be used by future animation artists, especially Robert Cannon from the United Productions of America (UPA). Chuck Jones was known for showing the emotion of cartoons with abstract animation and was the first to use the “smear” style of animation with “The Dover Boys”. One would say that you could see a lot of Chuck Jones style with the UPA cartoon “ Gerald McBoing Boing”. There are a lot of comparisons in the style of animation between “The Dover Boys” and “Gerald McBoing Boing”.

I would first like to say that the narrations style is somewhat similar between the two animations. Both use a narration style throughout the entire cartoon. It also seems that both of the animations use minimal quality to the background. Which is the opposite that you would see in most cartoons from that time, and the opposite of Disney. I believe the use of minimal backgrounds for both Chuck Jones and the UPA allowed them to save time and money when creating their animations. This is known to be stylized animation, which was first used by Chuck Jones and then later made famous with animation from the UPA. But not only was the style of animation similar for the two films. I also feel that there are some types of similarity with the way the characters are drawn in “Gerald McBoing Boing” to where they almost resemble the style of drawing for the characters in “The Dover Boys”. It seems to me that the Chuck Jones style of animation is heavily used through the animation of “Gerald McBoing Boing”. But although there are some similarities with each cartoon. There are also some differences between them.

Even though the two animations have some similarities, the one thing that sets the two apart is the fact that “Gerald McBoing Boing” does not have the comedic humor that you would find throughout Chuck Jones animations. This is one of the many things that set...
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