Dover Lights

Topics: Paranormal, Civilian Conservation Corps, Paranormal television Pages: 3 (692 words) Published: November 13, 2012
Dover Lights

1) Have you ever been sitting at home bored looking for something to do? Have you ever wanted to see some paranormal activity that is close to home? 2) Good Morning my name is Micah Thomas
3) Some of you may know the place
a) Dover Lights
b) I will tell you about
i) The history
ii) About the spot
iii) Encounters
4) I have even had a couple of personal experiences

1. History
1) Spanish Conquistadors buried gold in the Ozarks during the war a) The story behind the lights are the Conquistadors searching for the gold and silver they lost b) Conquistadors are thought to have littered the Ozarks in search of the treasures c) Written reports in the 1800’s of settlers finding deposits of silver d) Homesteaders found large deposits of silver seam

2) Dover lights are something that has been around since the early 1800’s e) There are written documents from the 1800’s from settlers f) However most locals say the first real reports were in 1930 i) The Works Projects Administration scoured the hill country for stories ii) Civilian Conservation Corps built the rock wall at the overlook where the lights are most often viewed g) In the 1990’s MysteriousReality.Com posted the first film footage ever of the lights iii) Lights moving around bluffs and above the creek h) Around 2000 a camper called in emergency crews because he thought a vehicle had driven off one of the bluffs that rim the valley i) In March 2004 Ted Phillips of the Branson, Missouri from the Center for Physical Trace Evidence photographed what he described as intense and odd-colored lights j) In April 2009, a paranormal group filmed the lights iv) At the time of the filming the water levels were at record levels ruling out and human contamination 2. About the spot

1) Located about 17 miles outside of Dover...
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