"Hatchet" Essay

Topics: Difference, Wilderness, WILD Foundation Pages: 2 (537 words) Published: February 24, 2013
Gjystina Vukaj
Comparative essay
The Differences and Similarities between the Book “Hatchet” and its Movie “A Cry in the Wild”

In this essay I will compare the differences and similarities of events in the book “Hatchet” and the movie “A Cry in the Wild”. Our class read a book called “Hatchet” and saw the movie “A Cry in the Wild” (based on Hatchet). I realized that the book and movie had many differences and also some similarities. In my essay I will compare some events that happened to the main character Brian. I’m going to compare the differences on how the rescue plane came to save Brian, the animals that attacked him and the food he ate while he was in the Canadian wilderness. When I read the book and saw the movie I found many differences between the events in the book Hatchet and the events in the movie A Cry in the Wild. In the book when the plane crashed in the wilderness the rescue plane came after he founded food, made fire, and a shelter to live. When the rescue plane came Brian ran to make more fire to send signals in the sky so they could see him. In the movie the rescue plane came the same day as the plane crashed and he didn’t have fire or made a shelter to live so he screamed loudly so they could hear him or see him but the plane turned away. In this event I found significant difference and little similarities between “Hatchet” and “A Cry in the Wild” Another difference between the movie and the book are the animals that attacked Brian while he was in the wilderness. In the movie the bear attacked Brian and destroyed his shelter and he wrestled and injured the bear. Also in the movie Brian got attacked by a raccoon. While in the book Brian sees the bear but doesn’t have any physical contact with her. In the book Brian got attacked by a moose and a skunk. In this event I discovered some differences but also some similarities like the wolf, porcupine and the mosquitoes attack. The book and the movie have many differences and also...
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