Donut Factory

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Overview of Donut Factory

Donut Factory is based in Singapore. We specialize not only in gourmet donuts made from our proprietary recipe, but also in meals, snacks and an extensive array of beverages. We opened our first 'theatre style', take-away outlet in December 2006 and were blown away by the fantastic response we received from our customers starting day one. Since then, we continuously push ourselves to offer an innovative array of products at our take-away outlets and our contemporary cafes. To us, it's all about quality. Our quest to present our customers with delectable, trend-setting products at affordable prices is never-ending. Our see-through production area in each outlet assures our customers of the freshest possible product at all times. To expand our reach to our customers we obtained Halal Certification for all our products in March 2010.

Donuts varieties have many choices, about 10 kinds of flavor. Donut Factory is selling many dishes and beverages at the shop or café. It offers not only donuts from highest quality ingredients from our very own recipes. They are light, fluffy, non-oily and not that sweet. They do sell salads, pasta, burgers and wraps, soups, rice, icecreams and beverages.

4 outlets in Singapore – Suntec city (first to open) – Novena Square – Tiong bahru plaza – the centerpoint.

Delivery services is available to selected areas/ households within 10mins walking distance from their outlets. Minimum order is $25/trip. $5 delivery charge is applicable for orders below $25.

Donut factory is selling many dishes and beverages at the shop or café.

Situation analysis

Donut Factory is the first local donut shop to be open. And are halal certificated for all the products. This makes the shop very hot selling and popular with it.

Competitors of donut joints in Singapore are, J. Co donut, Dunkin’ donut, Munchy donut, Missy donut, Dippin’ donut, DC Donut and Donut Empire.

Advantages is that donut flavors are all different and special in their ways. Donut factory offers 18 flavors from original glazed donuts to chocolates to fruity jam donuts. Donuts here are kind of sweet in my opinion but they taste all right to some others.

Target audiences are usually female teenagers to female young adults aging from 13-28 years old. And also females have usually a sweeter tooth than males. And the designs of donuts are attractive to them. Because they usually get it in bulk for celebration events or for their own consume.

Media Article

Donut Factory selects TSLA Media Asia, 10 November 2006, 09:31AM SINGAPORE - The Secret Little Agency (TSLA) has been appointed to brand a new donut chain, the Donut Factory, which launches in Singapore by December and aims to dot the region in upcoming months.

Unlike Krispy Kreme and Dunkin Donuts, two of the more prominent donut chains in Asia, the Donut Factory will feature local flavours and cater to Halal audiences. 

TSLA was commissioned to create a strategy for the brand and will also take charge of future advertising duties. A media agency has yet to be confirmed. * This article was first published on Media Asia

* What is round and hollow in the middle?
No, neither is it a hula hoop nor a car tyre or a toilet roll. As the title suggests, it is a DONUT! Donut Factory, a popular franchise in Singapore, offers a wide variety of delicious donuts to choose from, from peanut butter glazed to blueberry filled. For those who are crazy over chocolate, you could sink your teeth into the strawberry white chocolate, chocolate lemon cream heart and mint dark chocolate donuts. Cinnamon fanatics could munch on the cinnamon chocolate and apple cinnamon ones. Not forgetting the coffee addicts - espresso mousse and lotus mocha would be the donuts of your choice. The donuts are lower in fat as compared to other varieties – they are soft, fluffy and far from oily. There is something about...
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