Ice Cream Cake

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ce cream cakeMission
* Business solution sales growth by 50% on a year to year basis. * To be a globally competitive company.
* Maintain the cleanliness and orderliness for the best quality in our products. * To satisfy the costumers taste buds.

* Great business insight and continuous business development. * Best quality product.

Goals and Objectives
* To serve the costumer quickly.
* Make a customized ice cream cakes based on the desire of the costumer. * To have a quick delivery to the costumer.
* To emphasize the product and the quality work.

Brief History
The House of Ice Cream Cakes is established on the 3rd day of July year 2012 by _(name of owner)_. The company use to sell a modern cake or a combination of ice cream and cake. We also have delivery due to demands of the costumer.

How the product is called ice cream cake? It is because the product was made of cake filled with ice cream and placed on the fridge. This product is made because of the craving of the people for both ice cream and cake. So that’s why we come up with the decision that we can combine the two products to satisfy our cravings. And it was so called “ice cream Cake”.

Instead that you buy ice cream and cakes. Then why don’t you purchase ice cream cake so you can have both in a cheaper price.

Definition of the Market
The House of Ice Cream Cakes is placed on the hi-way near the super market. It was the only ice cream cake store in that place. But in that place there are lots of cake store and ice cream houses. But the uniqueness of our product will help us to be known in the industry easily. We are targeting the sweet tooth on the public and also the deserts enthusiast. Our product is also good for any occasions such as weddings, birth days, anniversary and many more.

That place is where the tourist is dropping by to have their snacks. The sceneries are good and the ambiance of the place is perfect for the product. And having a humid climate in there can also help our product from melting easily.

This was also the place where delivery channel is also click to the consumers. They find it much convenient for them to have delivery instead of wasting time waiting for the lane to be through and for their turn are on.

Description of Product
Ice cream cake is made of chiffon cake and filled with different flavored ice cream. In short our product is a combination of cake and ice cream. It looks like simple cake but when you taste it, you find what’s different on it.

The cake layered was baked perfectly and the ice cream was made to combine with the cake layered. The icing on it was flavored to match with the flavored of the cake. Ornaments on it were totally made to be paired with the likes of the costumer.

Aside from ice cream cake we also serve coffee and chocolate beverages. We serve it hot or cold depends on what the customers wants.

Organization Chart

Staff 3
Staff 2
Staff 1

The House of Ice Cream Cakes is run by the owner and the co-owner. And each and every staff must be flexible, in order for them to take up all the work of the other staff if there are any instances of absence.

The company is managed by a well trained administrator. This manager knows how or what to improve in the company. He was open-minded when it comes to innovation.
The administrator is a good leader and a good follower at the same time. He also knows how to cooperate with all his staff. Being fair to all the employee is what he aspires for.

Sale Strategy
We advertise our product with the use of poster and different promotion paraphernalia. The free tasting is also one of our strategies to promote the product that we use to put on the market.
We put special design to our ice cream cakes that will definitely our consumer will appreciate. The product is also comes up with different flavors. Ornaments on the ice cream cake are perfectly matched with...
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