Domestic Violence

Topics: Domestic violence, Violence, Violence against women Pages: 6 (1990 words) Published: November 7, 2011
Domestic Violence - Final Research Paper
Alysia Rodgers
PSY 325: Statistics for the Behavioral & Social Sciences Dr. Andrew Edelman
July 10th, 2011

I. Introduction to Domestic Violence
Many people in this world suffer from domestic violence. It is an evil that harms the core of the human race. From very young children, to older people, the generations are affected by its plague. The most difficult part about domestic violence is the fact that it burns deep inside a person’s heart. In the bible, it is learned that the heart is the mind, the will, the thoughts, the emotions. These are the areas that it deeply wounds, and brings devastation too many families. This paper will touch upon the statistics in many areas of the world. This paper will also describe what methods could have been utilized to find some of the statistics involved. It will also cover why it is a problem, and what might we involve solving the problem. The paper should make the

reader aware of the severity of the problem, and what we can do to solve the issue.

II. Thesis
While many people downplay the effect of domestic violence on the family, it's relevance is in the numbers we see in articles, books, and even on television. Domestic Violence is an ongoing problem, and it impacts our world every day, while bringing down the morale of millions of people.

Domestic violence causes women and children to experience
difficulty developing healthy relationships, (Christian Counseling Today Volume 13, Article 3). When a woman is living in fear for her life, it can affect the children immensely by creating an unstable environment, and according to statistics on domestic violence, a woman is assaulted, every 9 minutes.

Children who experience domestic violence are more likely to develop psychological, behavioral, and/or emotional problems.

III. World Wide Issue
According to an article from the UN News Service,
eighty-nine nations have a problem with domestic violence. These countries have also formed some kind of legislative provision surrounding the issue(article, These numbers are only the reported countries. Many countries still have some

growth that needs to happen in this area. Looking at this shows us the global effect that this has, on our humanity. The problem is widespread, and it shows us the need for more assistance and education in this area. Is there an association of violence in the home with social problems in public and through the life of a child? It’s possible when taking a look at this issue, that there are greater problems, which this issue causes, within people. It is possible, that this problem cripples people for years.

Statistics can tell us more about this problem. Physical
violence occurs in 4 to 6 million intimate relationships
each year in the United States (Domestic Violence
Statistics: An over view, Prevalence and Trends). According to an article called, ”Effects of Domestic Violence on Children’s Behavior, Problems, and Depression,” children had issues in learning and development according to the type of violence, they experienced, and how much of it (Effects of Domestic Violence on Children’s Behavior, Problems, and Depression, Psych Articles). IV. Literature Review

Domestic Violence around the world is serious. Upon gathering information, it was intended to figure out how many countries experience this problem. It was also intended to find out how many families are affected each year with this issue. Another issue was how children are affected by this, and what can be done to assist and minimize this problem. There is some data from surveys that have an indication of a definite problem of domestic violence in all societies (Unreported Cases of Domestic Violence Against Women, Article). This article spoke about the world wide issue, and the statistics on violence with...
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