Intimate Partner Violence

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Poverty and Alcohol Consumption leads to Domestic Violence 1


Domestic violence has been at the most important part of the criminal justice system for many years now. Domestic violence has been known as one of the most severe crime around the world. The phrase domestic violence is now also known as Intimate Partner Violence, which in short abbreviates to IPV (Cares, & Felson, 2005). From numerous research it has been proven that poverty and alcohol consumption leads to domestic violence. Intimate partner violence (IPV), is when one of the partners use physical, sexual, or even mental abuse to hurt the partner they are intimate with. (Smith, Homish, Leonard, & Cornelius, 2011). However, domestic violence is also towards relationships that are not intimate, but are just together as a couple. Relationships where individuals were partners before, but are not anymore still go through abuses of all sorts even when individuals are not intimate. (Cohn, McCrady, Epstein, & Cook, 2010). Some type of abuse, which does not always have to be physical, or sexual, affects couples as in people in a type of relationship. Every couple at some point of their relationship will go through arguments and disagreements whether that argument leads to physical or sexual abuse or not, it does affect one mentally. Individuals in the relationship and the relationship itself are emotionally connected.

Poverty and Alcohol Consumption leads to Domestic Violence 3


Domestic violence and poverty are most likely always together. Families, relationships, and couples who experience domestic violence are often victims of poverty. Poverty and domestic violence affect a significant amount of women and children. Significant numbers of low-income women are beat up / abused. (Fay, Robert, & Train 1995). Poverty also makes it difficult to end domestic or any kind of violence. In the year 2000, according to the U.S. Census Bureau (2011) the reports indicate that about 31.1 million people were poor; a poverty rate also shows that 11.3% poverty leaves women who beat up and solely hurt with no options to reduce the domestic violence in their lives. The only way left to prevent the domestic violence in homes dealing with poverty involves huge life changes, such as moving cities and sometimes even states or countries, separation, or even divorce. ( Boudreaux, Michel, Davern, & Graven, 2011). Low income women face many different levels of bias and discrimination that lessen their options for safety and financial security. Life for low-income women is difficult. Such as low-income women experience more physical and mental heath problems than women who do not have low income. ( Davern, Michael, Jones, Lepkowski, Davidson, & Blewett, 2000). The violence these families and couples go through makes it difficult to end the poverty, which they are suffering from. Thus that is why poverty is a huge issue that leads to domestic violence and that is also why this research is important.

Poverty and Alcohol Consumption leads to Domestic Violence 4

Alcohol Consumption

Couples and families who are victims of domestic violence or IPV are also victims due to alcohol consumption. After a great amount of research alcohol consumption has been proven to increase the domestic violence rate severely, even though it is not the primary cause of domestic violence. The only drug available to everyone in the United States in alcohol. Alcohol has been connected to domestic violence for great amount of time now; it shows a very strong relationship amongst each other. (McKinney, Caetano, Rodriguez, & Okoro, 2010). In many different countries there are also strong links that has been found to show that the alcohol use is the occurrence of domestic violence. After consuming a great amount of alcohol a person is not clearly in their senses, which leads to a dispute. Alcohol use automatically affects your mental and physical abilities...
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