Sex Crimes

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  • Published : January 5, 2013
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Angela Andrews

Did you know that before you reach the age of twenty-five you or someone you know will be a victim of a sexually assault? Sex crimes has increased in America due to the fact that offenders have a way to slip through the judicial system sex offending behaviors increase the chances that someone will commit these crimes and also increases the risk that the person will re-offend.Sex offenders tell themselves and others that this behavior is not really harmful. They may claim that the victim enjoyed and wanted the behavior or initiated the sexual contact, or that women are merely sex objects who deserve mistreatment. According to the Dru Sjodin National Sex Offender Public Websitesexual assaults has been on the raise since 2011 report, and increases more with every year that passes. That is because sex offenders feel like they have done nothing wrong and have no remorse. The state of mind of most sex offender’s sex offenders is not mentally ill. In fact many are subject to substance abuse, abnormal personality traits, personality disorder, learning disability or dysphonic mood and some other factors will be involved. Sex offenders often feel justified by doing these sexual acts they tell themselves that the victims somehow wanted it or the victim started it first. The understanding of sexual offenders may come from range perspectives including gender, age, relationships, and pass childhood experiences. Most people use cognitive distortions to some extent. To avoid feeling guilty about what they are doing for example, someone may make excuses for diving too fast or for cheating on a diet. However these types of distortions are much different from those used by sex offenders. Unacceptable sex acts varies between societies and society over a period of time. Gender, age, relationship aggression the definition...
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