Does Modern Technology Make Life More Convenient, or Was Life Better When Technology Was Simpler?

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  • Published : October 26, 2010
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As technology is becoming more advanced than ever, most of products are designed to make our life more convenient. Nevertheless, has technology has changed our life into a simple and easy “neo-life style”, or on contrary, has technology made our life more complicated? This is a question worth thinking.

As technology development advances, the level of living standard increases. The life forwards wonderfully, we have fewer opportunities to waste our time and strength. Other person may has their own opinions, and argue that technology have interrupted our life and others already. The facts is, technology will keep improving and developing, no matter you agree with it or not.

In my opinion, technology changed our life into a simple and easy situation without question. We can really save our time and energy since technology has been improved and developed. There is no doubt humans have benefited by it. There are unaccountable information could come with technology, dreams could be realized by technology, wealth and property could be came by us with technology, etc. Technology is not only an abstract word in our cognition, but a process that involves everyday human lives.

We could visit some where we want to go simply, since people has invented automobile and improved it; we could through many areas and reach the other place on the earth, because of people has invented air craft and developed it; we could send sounds, messages, and images to our family and friends, for people inventing mobile phone and expanding it; we could process many data, due to the fact that people invented computers and bourgeoned it; we could enrich our amusements, on account of the invention of TV, projector, and DVD player. Above this paragraph are the advantages of technology; no one can deny that technology exists with those advantages. We should be optimistic about it, and keep assisting and enjoying everything technology has brought to our life.
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