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Senior Project for the Bachelor of Business Degree

Apple TV

Presented by:

Marwan Nohra


Mrs. Madiana Mouawad

Academic September 2012


If you travel back in time and found yourself in a small Lebanese village in 1390's what would you find? Would you find a computer, or a mobile telephone, or a music player, or a television? Think for a moment how life would have been if you were to live in the 14th century.

A lot of the items you use today are the result of the technology. The progress in technology has improved our lives.

In the past, a developing nation was considered as the nation that has no access to the modern technology. Today, due to globalization, technology is available anywhere in this world.

The most important technologies that have a big impact on human lives are the information and communication technologies. These technologies include computers, mobile telephones, satellites, televisions...


I wish to thank my adviser Mrs. Madiana Mouawad for her intellectual support, encouragement, and motivation, which made this senior project possible. I really would like to thank you for your patience, your supervision and correcting both my stylistic and content errors.

Last but not least, I would like to thank Antonine University for it has made out of me exceptional business student capable of competing and proving myself in the real world due to the loads of educational information it has given me.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction1
2. Apple TV3
2.1 What is Apple TV?3
2.2 Features5
3. Apple TV Set Up and Use8
4. The Content10
5. What to Buy When You Buy Apple TV?11
6. Apple TV Remote Control12
7. Life Cycle of Apple TV13
7.1 Apple TV (1st Generation)13
7.2 Apple TV (2nd Generation)16
7.3 Apple TV (3rd Generation)16
8. Deviation in Price17
9. Apple TV Best Media Player18
10. What are Apple TV’s Limitations19
11. Advantages/Disadvantages of Apple TV20
11.1 Advantages of Apple TV20
11.2 Disadvantages of Apple TV22
12. Consumer Behavior Towards Apple TV23
13. Conclusion25
14. Future Work27

List of Figures
Figure 1: Apple TV2
Figure 2: Apple TV3
Figure 3: Apple TV Box5
Figure 4: Synching Process of Apple TV9
Figure 5: Apple TV Generation 115
Figure 6: Apple TV Generation 2 & 316
Figure 7: Deviation in Price from Expected17
Figure 8: Apple TV Library21

3. Introduction

The word high-tech refers to the most advance technology currently available. Products that are considered as high-tech currently may become low-tech later on. For this reason marketing departments describe all new technologies as high-tech. High-tech products include computers, mobile phones, television... One of the most leading companies in high-tech products is Apple Inc.

Apple Inc is an electronic and software company. At first Apple Inc. was known for most people as the inventors of high class computers, the Macintosh line of PC's. Nowadays, Apple not only invents computers, but also designs markets, and sells electronics in the form of media players and smart phones. Moreover, Apple also sells software, music and video.

Through years, Apple Inc has proved that it is the leading company in technologies. Presently, Apple has iPhones, iPads, iPods, Macintosh and Apple TV, the latter was introduced in March 2007.

Television is one of the most watched media over the world. Over the last decade television has begun the move towards digital broadcasting as transmission of television signals uses digital rather than analogue methods.

With the digitization of distribution technologies, propagation of channels, and division of audiences, technical obstacles are showing more and more which are in need to find ways to make consumer interaction with the advertising that supports much of...
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