Do You Think You Are Addicted to Facebook

Topics: Mobile phone, Facebook, Nokia Pages: 2 (707 words) Published: June 24, 2012
(A) Do you think you are addicted to Facebook? What are the signs which show a person is addicted to Facebook? Give reasons to support your view. Yes I am addicted to Facebook. The signs that shows a person that is addicted to Facebook is when he/she is constantly thinking about Facebook, like always updating his/hers statuses, always talk about the topics that he/she saw from Facebook or constantly checking his/her phone for Facebook updates. Another sign of Facebook addiction is when he/she always put off important work or uses their study time to browse through Facebook just to see what people are posting. These are the signs towards Facebook addiction because when one sticks to Facebook for hours and non-stop, it is a very serious addiction.

(B) In your opinion what are the advantages and disadvantages of Facebook for students? If you had a choice, which would you give up – your Facebook or your mobile phone? Give reasons for your choice. The advantage of Facebook is that Facebook lets us connects with our love ones although we are distant apart from each other. Besides that, it can also help us on knowing more about a new friend that we just met in school by looking at their Facebook profiles. Another advantage of Facebook is it gives us a faster and easier way to communicate and reach out to our family members although we are studying aboard. Most of all Facebook is free of charge. Facebook also let us know more about what is happening in the world and we didn’t even need to go outside for it and it is very efficient. On the other hand, disadvantage of Facebook is it makes us cannot concentrate on our work and our studies because we are always using our precious time to check our Facebook and neglect our work. Other than that, you have no privacy because people from all over the world is watching what you post and share about your daily life. Also people will haunt you for what you posted or shared on Facebook. Facebook also make us students got...
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