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Summary: Social Networks such as Facebook, Twitter has slowly and surely become an inseparable part of our lives. They have allowed us to share and engage with our loved ones and friends and have made us happy while doing it. But does it create depression too? This post is all about trying to answer that question.

Social Networking has become the norm of the modern world. People cannot live without it and it has surely become a part of every person’s life.  It is really difficult to find someone today who doesn’t have a Facebook account, a Twitter account etc. The same applies in day to day to speech where it is difficult to find someone who cannot include the word “Facebook” in their normal conversations. As much as it has created these deep connection, studies has shown that social networking seems to have brought huge emotional changes and responses among individuals. Sure it makes you happy and jump in joy ( ex: when you add pictures with your friends and family members and tag them all out, when you chat your friends, when you comment on status messages etc.); But, it seems to create depression too. As much it is hard to accept for many, it is a true fact. According to this study done by sociologists Hui-Tzu Grace Chou and Nicholas Edge, at Utah Valley University , it is stated that the longer you spend in social networking, there is a bigger chance for you to get depressed. The biggest culprit in this case is Facebook, which is understandable since it is the mostly used social network in the web. So does it really make you Sad?

Personally, I believe social networking does make you feel depressed, though you won’t be aware of it at most times. It starts when you start seeing other people’s profiles, success stories, and joy and when you start comparing yourself with them. I have personally seen that happen to so many individuals I know and some have even openly talked with me regarding this where they have said they don’t like to be in that kind of an emotional situation; yet, they are dragged into it. A simple picture or a statues message can make you angry or jealous of that particular individual and we have already seen situations where these emotions have gone over the limit and have led to even bigger crimes like suicide or murder. It is really not good situation and is a really big black mark for social networking as a whole.

So How Can We Be Happy and Stop Being Sad ?
The answer for the above question lies within the root cause of this problem. “Reduce the time you spend on Social Networking, or control it “. There are many people who spend a lot of hours on social networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter and those are the people who are most likely to feel these kind o emotional break downs. The best way to stay away from social networking is get some real networking going for you. Bonding with your loved ones for real without limiting it to the internet, spending some quality time with your friends without communicating with them just through social networks, is a good way to break out from such emotional stress.  Having a Social Media Life Balance is important for any individual who is addicted to social networking.  That will keep you happy and content and will help you o have a better social networking experience. If social media is making you feeling depressed, it is your priority to stop it from making you feel that way.  Take some time off your social media accounts and enjoy the beauty of life. Don’t let it be the master of your lives and thoughts. After all, there are all simply websites. You don’t want a website to control the way you think right? So be aware and be more responsible.  Social Networking is here to stay but it is not in control of you. Take control of your life and thoughts and don’t let social media networks such as Facebook, Twitter, Google Plus to be the one that tell you, what you need to think We have a 24x7 access to social networking sites through our cell phones....
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