Social Networking

Topics: Social network, Facebook, Social network aggregation Pages: 2 (656 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Cadarian Rucker
Mr. Holmes, Gerard
British literature
19 April, 2013

Social Networking
Think of the last time you were at a meeting or a social event and you made a connection with someone. In many circles you’re more likely to hear, “Are you on Facebook?” rather than being handed a business card. Social media has shifted the way we interact, the way we prepare for high school reunions and the way we market ourselves, and our businesses. “Tweet”, “tag” and “status updates” have become part of our everyday lives. Social networking is a well-organized system of various Internet servers and devices which connect people all over the world and enable them to communicate with one another and exchange data. Social networking has become the part of our life and many people can not imagine their rest and work without it. There are many websites, which connect people of the whole planet and they share their interests, hobbies, preferences, information there. More often social networking is helpful for people who try to find friends or simply find interesting data connected with their interests. There are websites for people who enjoy some particular style of music, a movie, a painter, an actor, a politician – nearly every topic and sphere of human life has become involved into social networking. Logically, social networking gives enormous opportunities for people to broaden their outlook but more often social networking becomes a problem for young people who spend most of their time in front of the PC and become addict to it.

Many people around the globe have developed addictiveness towards social networks. This means that people are always anxious to access the sites and see the unfolding events. People do not create time for other useful things because they cannot do without keenly concentrating on the social networks all the time. In fact, some people sacrifice their resting hours to concentrate on these sites . Addictiveness is also observed at work places....
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