Social Media Research Paper

Topics: Social media, Internet, Twitter Pages: 2 (655 words) Published: September 10, 2012
Social Media

Emily Baker

Computer Literacy (ADF1206C)

Instructor:  Edward Bakker
March 8th, 2012

Most people do have some type of social media account. Between Facebook, Twitter and Youtube there are many issues with these websites. With most people it’s just a simple way of connecting with other people, but for some people there are issues with addiction, copyright, privacy, you could offend people, legalized stalking.

For Facebook there are many ways you could use this social media website. You can post things you are doing or “check in”. People can tag you in photos that have you in them. You can also post pictures of yourself or other things. “The most common age of people who use face book is ages 35-55.” I think people overuse Facebook; sure you can follow friends and see what they are doing. But to rely on Facebook as a means of communication just doesn’t seem like the right way to keep in touch.

Another social media web page would be Twitter. With Twitter you tweet what you are doing or how your day has been or just what’s on your mind. A lot of company’s use Twitter as a campaign for their ideas. They use it to get themselves out there on the market; Twitter is like a big advertisement. I don’t really use twitter it seems like a big waste of time.

Youtube is a video networking site that allows you to upload your videos so that everybody can see it. With Youtube you never know what is in the video; they do have rules about nudity and cursing. But some videos contain things like hazing, bullying, animal abuse and other things. I wouldn’t let young children on to Youtube myself for this reason. But some videos are accutaly quite cute and funny. Some people put videos up just to see how many people will watch them or how many “hits” they get.

Most people are addicted to one thing or another, some people are also addicted to social media. I have friends that most post this or stay up till two am just for Facebook. “Many claim that by...
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