Do You Agree or Disagree with the Followingstatement? with the Help of Technology, Studentsnowadays Can Learn More Information and Learn Itmore Quickly. Use Specific Reasons and Examplesto Support Your Answer.

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  • Published : May 30, 2013
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In today's society when the information
technology is in his golden age, more information
can be accessible to students in a more rapid and
convenient way than before. Some people say
that with the help of new technology, students
can learn more and absorb knowledge faster, while some people don't. From my point of view, I am convinced that with the assistance of
advanced technology, students can learn better. To begin with, with the assistance of technology, useful information on the Internet can be
accessible to students as soon as possible. For
example, when a group of students are doing
research for their presentation for the astronomy
class in the library, they need a lot of information about astronomy to help them have a good idea of what they are going to present in the
astronomy class. If they cannot use computer or
other mobile device to search for necessary
materials they need, it will definitely take them
much more time to figure out what interesting contents they should present in the class. They will have to leaf through a bunch of books to
extract some necessary material and if the book
they need cannot be available right now, they
have to wait until the book is returned. Anyway,
without the advent of the information technology, there must be plenty of troubles and inconvenience students have to confront when
they are trying to write a paper or anything not
simply related to academia. What's more, with the help of new technology, it is more convenient for students to discuss what
they learnt in the class with other students who
are not in the same school. To illustrate, if there is
a biology community for biological amateurs or
students who want to know more about biology out of the class on the internet, students from various schools will all come to this cyber biology
community to share their new finding and
interesting experiences. Moreover, maybe some
professors from the biology department of
reputable universities...
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