Do You Agree or Disagree with the Following Statement: Children Should Be Required with to Help with Household Tasks as Soon as They Are Able to Do so. Use Specific Reasons and Examples to Support Your Answer.

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  • Published : October 23, 2012
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In my view forcing children in order to help with household task has some positive and negative points but I tend to believe that the positive points are weigh to the negative ones. That is to say that children should have time to play and do their homework if they have any, hence forcing them to help with household tasks may get their times that they need to play or do their homework. Also, children may feel bad when they see thier friends are not forced to do anything in their home other than doing their homework. Conversely, there are lots of positive features in doing so. To be more precise, children can learn to be responsible by forcing children to do a few household task. Fore instance, we can assign some easy job such as putting the garbage in front of the door or cleaning the table after lunch and dinner. These tasks do not get their times that much as well as learn them to be responsible for doing something in a regular bases. Likewise, it makes them to feel that they are part of a family and should care about everything regarding each other. If parents ask children to vacuum their room themselves, children fathom how cleaning a room is difficult and time consuming, therefore they would not make their room so dirty and strive to be cleaner at least. Moreover, by asking them to wash the dishes sometimes, children strive not to make lots of dishes dirty. When parents ask children to do some household tasks, they make children to be more self-disciplined and program for their tasks in order to do their homework and their duty at home to be able to finish them all and play games or play sports with their friends too. Children also learn to use their times in a best plausible way and not wasting their times in order to be able to do all their jobs and responsibilities. In conclusion, I strongly agree that asking children in order to help with household tasks is an appropriate policy which makes children to become more responsible, self-disciplined and...
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