There Are No Bad Childrens

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  • Published : July 15, 2012
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There are no bad children, only bad parents.

There are no bad children, only bad parents; they are only copying what they see from the different members of the family. It is also known that the role of the family during early children development is very important, principally because of its role as an agent of socialization by which the children learn the models to follow. Although the emphasis placed on the early years may be overstated, most parents feel that they are responsible for the behavior of their children and for how they turn out.

In order to give children a correct/right model we need to consider some important things that are essential for children. First of all, and as the most important issue, it is necessary for children to have house rules that delimit their behavior in a clear and right way; but always with the idea that some limits can be changed if there is enough confidence, after a time, in the children behavior.

Secondly, discipline is very important because it prepares children to face challenges and improve relationships during his life. Unfortunately, not all parents take the risk and the time to discipline their children, mainly because they do not want to struggle and to get angry with them during the short time that they spent effectively together. But what they do not know is that discipline is not about opposing with children, on the contrary it is an affective way of showing right behavior and controlling extreme emotions, by setting clear limits and taking in consequences for not obeying rules. On the other hand, when children do not have discipline they are disrespectful with the authority (the parents) because they believe that everything they do is a proper behavior, so they do not have self-control.

In a very small minority of the cases, the child has been raised in a proper home but the child is just rotten to the core. In that case it does not matter if the parents spent a lot of effective time with their...
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