Do Ict Make You More or Less Sociable

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  • Published : February 2, 2012
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Does internet makes you less or more sociable?

In my view, internet is making you more and less sociable, it depends on the person and the type of activity they do with the internet. One of the main uses of internet is to connect people faster even if they are at another bit of the world. In this case, one of the method created for connect people are the social networking such as Facebook or Twitter. These social networks link people together by giving them the possibility to put their photos on, talk to each other with Instant messenger and also express themselves. This makes people more sociable because of the fact that more and more user are using social network so you can add as friend everyone you know in real life and also can add friends people you know from the internet from forums, blogs etc. But even though It can make people being silent in real life because some people will only talk to their friends using internet. The University of Texas has made a research saying that people that are watching facebook in average of 4 times a day are mainly the one which are the most sociable but the study also says that there is still some cases where people become less sociable. In addition, online gaming and gaming have evolved a lot and now many users use it to play with friends and people they don’t know using internet. . Online gaming is also a type of social network has it give the possibility to users to talk during game session using microphone and also a special feature of the Xbox 360 you can make a video conference. Online or not gaming is not making people less sociable as it can connect people together to have some fun around a video game. New technology like the Nintendo Wii or Xbox Kinect let you play in family or with friends. Even though some people become less sociable because of the facts that some people because of gaming always thinks about that and become obsessed about it which make them less sociable.

In conclusion I think every...
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