Making Friends Through Internet

Topics: Internet, World Wide Web, Humans Pages: 2 (626 words) Published: January 19, 2011
Nowadays, making friends on internet has been popular throughout the world. People search for new friends, soul mates, or confidants. The internet has become an important tool to connect people with each other. Since the internet is so convenient, making friends may no longer be a problem. On the other hand, Internet Friendship may lead to some troubles because some people make get cheated online. I strongly disagree with the establishment of relationships through internet because I think friends on internet friends are different from real life friends. No one knows what their purpose is. From my past experience, the relationship with internet friends does not last long because they often come and go easily. There are some negative effects on people that will be discuss later in this paper. In today’s world, there are many kinds of people using the internet around the world. This allows us to learn new languages from different cultures and races by writing e-mails, chatting online, or sending message on boards. People who are shy prefer to make friends through internet because he or she won’t have to talk to someone in person. Unfortunately, friends on internet are not always reliable, they might tell you a lie or pretend to be someone else. You may trust the person on internet and give out your personal information. The person on the other side of the screen can’t console you, they can only advise you. It would be dangerous if the person want to meet face to face. You will never know what a complete stranger will do to you. He or she might have some special purposes and do harm to you. Many people feel confident and safe behind their screen while making friends on internet instead of meeting face to face. Nevertheless, if a person is addicted to meeting new friends online or gets involved in other entertainments on internet, he or she often spends less time with friends and family. He or she no longer hang out with friends but socialize with net friends...
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