Why Gadgets Are Great for Introverts

Topics: Sociology, Thought, Mind Pages: 2 (421 words) Published: April 21, 2013
Nikki Cook
Block 2
Why Gadgets Are Great for Introverts
Gadgets are commonly viewed as a notion that disconnects us from what is happening around us and are thought of as a poor substitution for social interaction. This is an accurate statement but online gadgets have enhanced the social lives of introverts. They have thoughts and care for friends and family but they want to avoid socializing sometimes. The Internet allows them to connect but behind a screen and in quantities they wish. This allows them to express themselves naturally and with confidence. When we use the Internet we get to hear the ideas from the people whose voices may not have been heard otherwise. The author has described how technology has benefited introverts but she does not mention the importance for them to socialize with people around them in the real world. Getting information from the Internet is not the same as learning during the time when people get together.

The author brings up the unaddressed benefit of gadgets: “One of the most unremarked advances of the online revolution is that we now hear loudly from the quieter half of the population.” The sentence allowed the reader to think about greatly gadgets have improved the lives of the introverts in the population. It made me wonder what I have read on the Internet that I would have otherwise not learned if an introvert could not speak their mind behind the screen of their computer. I feel that too much exposure to technology can create introverts if you’re using your gadget as a poor substitute to human interaction. Seeing young children playing on iPad’s instead of playing outside with other children, I believe, can lead to being introverted.

My twin sister, Amanda, believes that introverts should be able to communicate through human interaction and should not rely on their gadget. She doesn’t think using Internet is a viable way of communication. My father, Michael, agrees with the author that there are people who find...
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