Diversity at Deloitte - Plans and Policies

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Gender & Diversity Plan and Policies
When talking about equality opportunities implemented by companies, we can make a differentiation between two different models, the liberal and the radical one. The liberal model, described by Jewson and Mason, is emphasized on a philosophy of "sameness", where people should have access to and be assessed within the workplace as individuals, regardless of social category. In the other hand, the radical approach is focused on a "positive discrimination" where employment practices are deliberately manipulated in order to obtain a fair distribution of those disadvantaged groups in the workplace, and it is also focused in achieving not only equality of opportunity but also equality of outcome. Considering this differentiation referring to the equalities of opportunities implemented by companies, we can see that Deloitte have a liberal approach in their policies, as they have created different programmes to make possible a equal treatment within the company instead of creating discriminatory policies, and, as for the outcome aspect, we haven't been able to find information about what is Deloitte's policy in that matter.

Gender and Diversity management at Deloitte addresses the needs of a diverse workforce in regards to gender, sexual orientation, physical ability, ethnicity and national origin by offering programs to that specifically support these groups both internally and externally. The importance of diversity management at the firm is seen through the commitment placed on creating organizational structure, practices, policies, management and financial investment or partnerships that supports diversity. Deloitte’s annual diversity plan and the commitment to place diversity as the top priority on board meeting agenda’s is allowing the company to live and breathe its vision statement, which is: “ to be recognized internally and externally as a diversity leader, to have leadership that represents the overall labour market, diversity management will be a core leadership competency and a business imperative, talent process will reflect ‘best-in-class’ diversity sensitive processes” (Deloitte, Diversity annual report). To achieve this vision, Deloitte has created a national Diversity council comprised of senior management across Canada which meets ten times per year to set goals and assess the progress of current policies and practices at the firm (Deloitte, Valuing Differences). To ensure the success of these initiatives they have created a diversity accountability framework to guide and incent progress. One of Deloitte’s most recognized and progressive steps towards diversity management have been the appointment of their Chief Diversity Officer, Jane Allen. Some key diversity practices within the firm includes; the creation of people networks, diversity calendar, the Diversity Matters blog, their Diversity Round table, a bias awareness toolkit as well as corporate sponsorship and partnerships. Deloitte’s people networks aim to connect like-minded people within the firm to act as mentors and support networks. The creation of the Diversity Calendar was a part of a firm wide communications campaign to communicate the diversity visions and goals for the year. The calendar was a huge success, receiving over 4000 downloads (Deloitte, Valuing Differences). The firm has also leveraged social networking tools with the creation of a Diversity Matters blog where employees can speak with the Chief Diversity Officer directly. Moreover, the Diversity Round table was created as an initiative to discuss the issues affecting people with disabilities an addition to Deloitte’s corporate sponsorship of the Vancouver 2010 Olympic and Paralympic Winter games. The bias awareness toolkit is used to educate managers on a range of topics including common stereotypes. It is used in conjunction with mid-year and year end reviews in addition to the policy of employees and partners setting a personal...
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