Social Thoery for Practice

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Social Care Theory for Practice.

Open book in-class assessment.

Outcomes for Social Care Theory for Practice.

Outcome 1: Evidence requirement 1.2


1) Explain how your work place policies are used to promote principles of equality and diversity?

2) In relation to the National Care Standards, provide an example of how you have or could promote each of the following values:

Realising potential


1) Explain how your work place policies are used to promote principles of equality and diversity?

In breaking down the question from above I will give a dictionary definition of equality and diversity then attempt to explain further with regard to my workplace then describe workplace policies that have relation to the question.

Equality;. State of being equal. Rights, treatment, quantity, or value equal to all others in a specific group. (Encarta Dictionary: English (U.K.)

To me equality means to treat and respect others with fairness regardless of race, gender, age or religion or any other factor that may be deemed as a reason to treat with prejudice. Equal opportunity in some circumstances may not be fair i.e. treating everyone the same when in fairness persons should be treated as individuals.

Within my workplace there are policies that are followed to promote the principle of equality. One of which is the Equal opportunities act which was revised in 2010. This policy ensures that discriminatory practice is avoided. This could be along the lines of Anti Discrimination Policy that Crossreach adhere to. Within the Crossreach Equal Opportunities policy it states. We will apply the Equal Opportunities Policy to all recruitment and employment unless, in terms of the appropriate legislation, a genuine occupational requirement is justified. This may apply, for example for certain posts in terms of the Employment Equality (Religion or Belief) Regulations 2003 but this will be made clear in the job advert and the appropriate paperwork. Anti-discriminatory practices will be adopted towards employees in relation to all other aspects of their employment, such as training, benefits and facilities offered. Training with in my workplace under the equal opportunities policies will be offered to all regardless of any factor in an equal manner without prejudice. This also falls under the Investors in People Policies that are adhered to.

Diversity; A variety of something such as opinion, colour or style. (Encarta Dictionary, U.K., English). The quality of being different or varied. (Collins Essential Dictionary 2009) When many different types of things or people are included in something (Oxrord dictionary, online)

Diversity to me in terms of my work place is about valuing and making the most of people’s abilities whatever their backgrounds regardless of gender, ethnic minorities, disabled people etc., about where those people are in terms of management positions, job opportunities, terms and conditions in the workplace.

In my work place in the bullying policy it states that it has to raise awareness and to ensure that all Crossreach employees are treated with dignity and respect and are free from harassment, intimidation or other forms of bullying at work. Crossreach is committed to identifying and wherever possible eliminating inappropriate and/or unlawful behaviour in the workplace. Where inappropriate or unlawful behaviour does occur, Crossreach will ensure that it is dealt with in a serious, sensitive and confidential manner so that the matter can be resolved as quickly as possible for all concerned. The principles of diversity under these policies could be that as an employee I have the right to follow promotion structures and move up in grade without prejudice and with due fairness. This policy ensures this and that all opportunities will be available and senior...
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