Unit 9

Topics: Discrimination, Affirmative action, Egalitarianism Pages: 3 (701 words) Published: February 9, 2013
1.1Explain what is meant by: diversity, equality, inclusion, discrimination
Diversity means where there is an difference between individuals or groups such as their culture, nationality, gender, age, beliefs or ethnic origin.
Equality means the rights the individuals have such as giving choices, respect and services in response to individual needs.
Inclusion is the process of identifying, understanding and breaking down barriers to participation and belongings.
Discrimination means individuals or groups getting direct discrimination, indirect discrimination, treating individuals less favourably than others or effects of discrimination. Such things can be for example the colour of their skin, their disabilty and any aspects of their ethnicity. 1.2Describe ways in which descrimination may deliberately or inadvertently occur in the work setting:

Descrimination may deliberately occur at work because maybe a member of staff is treated less favourable or treated differently becuase of their age, gender, race or their religion. Also descrimination may inadvertently occur at work maybe because if the manager has the contract or policy written down in english and not other languages for the people who may need it.

1.3Explain how practices that support equality and inclusion reduce the likelihood of discrimination:
When at work if settings and practitioners work in a way that promote equality and are inclsive the negative effects of discrimination will be avoided and the children will have fair chances. Practices that support equality reduces discrimination by equal concern. When treating children differently from one another, meeting their individual needs. Another way is by proivding positive image to a range of people at work. Like at my work place the young children I look after I have say two different nationality children, I will show they can take on activities no matter what culture, social background or gender they are. So by...
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