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1.  What’s it like to work at Google? (Hint: Go to Google’s Web site and click on About Google. Find the section Jobs at Google.) What’s your assessment of the company’s work environment? In my opinion, a lot of people want to work with Google because of high salary. They all think that they can get rich from working in there. If you see in this case, Google company is the top ten companies and Fortune Magazine ranked Google company to be number one to work with in best company category so employees feel that Google is the best to work with and they have some great attitude on Google company. Following in this case, Google give employees what they want. First, Google can pay for almost everything what employee’s needs and meanwhile Google take care of their worries. I think it sound like a family. Therefore in 2010, Google was be ranked by Fortune Magazine for two years running, the best company to work for.   Generally, Google does very well providing benefits for its employees including, generous 401K plans (a kind of retirement benefit plan), health insurance, fitness memberships, job sharing, and even paid time off to work on social causes.  Engineers also get a say in what projects they have to work on. Google create products that make the website better—and therefore people experience on the web better. Such as the Chrome product and Android product. They want to make it simpler and faster for people to want what they want to online. We’re also committed to the open web, so we’re involved in various projects to make it easier for developers to contribute to the online ecosystem and move the web forward. The web has evolved enormously since Google first appeared on the scene, but one thing that hasn't changed is our belief in the endless possibilities of the Internet itself. Google company is a full of super smart people to working on the hardest problem in computer science, as well a Googlers have a lot PHD because Google need to share common goal and...
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