Disadvantage of Fast Food

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  • Published : April 16, 2013
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In this world, people eat fast food far too often, because it's convenient and cheap. However, there are a host of disadvantages associated with eating fast food. It is not necessary to boycott all fast food restaurants, but it's important to limit how often you eat at them.

Since fast food restaruants became widespread, people do not eat balanced and nutrious. That causes serious health problems later.Especially for children, to eat balanced, healthy and nutrious is essential for proper growth. To eat so much fast foods in childhood might cause perminent growth disorders that might affect on children’s psychology as well.

Rates of obesity increases inevitably just as proliferation of eating fast foods. Obesity is not just to be overweight. It results significant health problems. In some countries, obesity rates are so high that the governments of that countries must take measures instantly to prevent this increase. Also the belief that microwave ovens trigger cancer is an noteworthy one, and one that i believe in. There is the same thought about fast foods too.

All things considered, we can conclude that to eat fast foods and foods cooked microwave ovens is to play with our healths for the sake of saving a little time. When we lose our health, neither money, nor time can get it back.

Hope the above mentioned information on the disadvantages of fast food was useful to you. It is best to desist from having fast food on a regular basis to improve your health and lifestyle.Thank you.
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