Fast Food vs. Healthy Foods

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  • Published : December 6, 2012
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Fast Food vs. Healthy Foods
Is fast food causing obesity? It is an important topic, but who is causing it and responsible, is more important. Parents are blaming fast food industries for the fault of their children’s overweight, when in reality, parents are not taking the blame for their child’s obesity and exercise problems.

Now in days obesity is becoming more and more common in a child’s childhood and considered important. According to Daniel Weintraub, “A public health group called last week for Governor Gray Davis to declare childhood obesity a state emergency and take immediate steps to reduce it” (42, 1). Obesity is becoming more and more common in childhood and should be declared an emergency. People must try to help reduce it before it grows even more and becomes more of a bigger problem than it already is. Who is actually responsible for this rapidly growing problem? “It’s the fault of parents who let their kids eat unhealthy foods and sit in front of the T.V or computer for hours at a time” (42, 5). Parents are in charge and responsible for a child’s exercise habits and what they eat. They should be teaching children healthy eating and exercise habits. Parents should face the fact that they are in charge for what their kids eat and what they do to exercise.

Fast food access is becoming easier, everywhere from offices and campuses to busy street corners, instead of healthier foods and exercise, in the vending machines. “The center blamed the problem on the increasing consumption of fast food and soft drinks, larger portion sizes in restaurants, the availability of junk food on campus, advertising of junk food to children and their families, and lack of consistent physical education programs in the schools” (42, 8). There are resulting more vending machines of fast foods on school campuses and less exercise or less time on the Physical Education programs. The vending machine also makes it a lot more “affordable” and a “great” snack. Since there...
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