Fast Food Leads to Chronic Diseases

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food, Hypertension Pages: 2 (746 words) Published: January 1, 2013
Fast Food Leads To Chronic Diseases

Reading an article on the front page of a prominent newspaper caught my eye, “Fast Food Leads To Chronic Diseases”. Recently, media coverage show how people are very fond of fast food and how they fail to realise its detrimental effects on their bodies. I wondered what it was that made fast food bad. Well, it’s like the name suggests it’s made quickly and contains sugars, fats, salts and the cooking processes have no beneficial effects on our body. Therefore, the built up amount of sodium, glucose and saturated fats causes obesity, diabetes and blood pressure which lead to heart disease. And it is a well-known fact that with increased amount of sugar, salt and fats, food becomes finger licking delicious making it hard for people to keep away from it. So who’s to blame? It could be the fast food industries, the luring advertisements, lack of nutritional information or lack of personal responsibility. Fast food industries, that have franchise outlets at almost every main street in the world, make a lot of profit as it very convenient for people to grab a bite on the go. Its affordable prices and quick service are the two main reasons that people get addicted to it. Food is cooked, packed and ready to go within a span of twenty minutes. This is why it is so popular with consumers. But what is the quality of the food like? How are the ingredients grown and prepared? And at the end does it give you any nutritional value? Premature chicks are fattened by being fed genetically modified corn so that it has more fat and sugar content and to speed up their growth. Oil of poor quality is used to fry the food, and habitually reused too. Fast food franchises try to use cost effective ingredients in order to maintain their cheap prices and so the quality of the ingredients may be poor. Therefore, you aren’t provided with the best nutrients. The outcome of eating a lot of fast food is harmful. All the unnecessary sugars and fats it...
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