Fast Food, Who to Blame

Topics: Nutrition, Obesity, Health Pages: 2 (580 words) Published: December 4, 2012
Over the past few decades, American’s increase in food marketing to children has closely tracked their increase in weight. Since 1980, the number of obese children has more than doubled to 16 percent. It soon becomes a big issue in our society because it threads American children’s health which causes them to consider fast food as their “primary meal”. Then the society starts to think who to blame. Is it the fast food companies’ false marketing or the parents’ responsibilities? According to the articles “It’s portion distortion that makes America Fat” by Shannon Browniee, a reporter said “ if marketing strategy had stopped there, we might not be the nation of fatties that we are today” (Browniee, 6). The quote above basically suggest that the fast food companies were making their citizens fat.

It is true that the fast food companies were more emphasized on their marketing strategy than our citizens’ health. The “super size” marketing strategy had trained us to think that “oceanic drinks and gargantuan portions are normal” (Browniee, 21). I do agree that fast food companies’ excessive marketing is really profitable for them and they don’t put our health in the first place. But I think it is the people who made the bad choice for their health. The point of the fast food is to save peoples’ meal time when they are in a hurry. It is convenient and cheap but also insures our daily needs of protein, calories, Cholesterols and a bunch of necessary Minerals. It’s not the best source of healthy food but it’s defiantly better than eating a chocolate bar or instant noodle when people are in a hurry.

In my opinion, I think it’s the people who made the bad choice by overeating fast food. Fast food companies are doing what they should do which they make money by introducing new marketing strategy, but they didn’t hold a gun and force people to eat their product. “Parents are ultimately responsible for what they bought for their child” (Browniee 24). Parents have the...
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