Learning for Life and Work Evaluate the Role of Fast Food

Topics: Nutrition, Fast food restaurant, Fast food Pages: 2 (367 words) Published: February 10, 2011
Learning for life and Work

Evaluate the role of fast food as a lifestyle choice in society.

Fast food is a quick and easy way to get something to eat that is why it is called fast food fast food is not expensive and is relatively common to be eaten on a day out or on someone’s lunch break at work or sometimes even on the way to work if you missed breakfast fast food is very accessible McDonalds is the most popular and world widely known restaurant it is so well know that you could ask anyone what the McDonalds motto is and they will all say the same thing “ I’m loving it” the role of fast food in today’s society is huge. However fast food is a major contribution to the health problems found in society today the most common health problem that is caused by fast food is obesity the rate of obesity is significantly increasing. GOOD ASPECTS OF FAST-FOOD

* It’s very fast in order that you don’t waste time.
* For example you could go to the cinema with your friends and head to McDonalds or something similar like Burger King to get a bite to eat. * It’s cheap and can be filling.
* Getting fast food saves you from having to cook.
* There are fast food restaurants are everywhere so it’s easy to eat out.


* Although fast food is cheap it is also made with cheap ingredients which are full of fats and unhealthy. * Fast food is one of the largest contributors to obesity in people of the modern society today. * Fast food has caused the rate of obesity to significantly increase. * Fast food restaurant that advertise on the television can give off false impressions to kids as most young kids can’t see how it is unhealthy and they see that they can get a toy with their meal.

In conclusion I think that fast food as a lifestyle choice is only good if it is decrease to getting it like once every two weeks as if it is eaten to often it could cause health problems. Ash Wonders 12M...
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