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Advocacy for Change
Individual Paper by Jade Dillon

Strategy: Lobbying

Lobbying is a form of advocacy. The goals of advocacy and lobbying are similar; Lobbying is one of several advocacy strategies that seek to influence legislation through influencing the government and its leaders. Advocacy consists of purposive efforts using different methods to oppose certain legislation, change a government policy, or to influence the awarding of funding to a particular organisation. Therefore lobbying is the act to advocate on behalf of individuals by making representation and submissions to legislators and government officials. Anyone can lobby. You don't have to be a representative of a specific organisation you can be individual members of public, groups of institutes, commercial organisations or businesses. You can do it yourself through meeting personally with your Member of Parliament or his staff directly and making your case or you can hire a lobbyist. A lobbyist is a professional (paid or volunteer) whose job is to represent interest groups and members of public, to enact legislation and seek change that would benefit their group through the influence of members of the government and public officials. There are three types of lobbyists:

Consultation Lobbyists: Paid to lobby on behalf of a certain client or group. Many of these are lawyers, accountants or other professionals that have strong communication skills and knowledge of the legislative process. In-House Lobbyist (Company): This is an employee who has duties in a profit-making organization, whose duties include lobbying on behalf of the firm. In-House Lobbyist (Organisation): This is a person who holds a job in a non-profit organisation. Like the company lobbyist, this lobbyist is affected by the Act if a significant part of his or her duties is to lobby on behalf of this organization.

Lobbying is by means any oral, written or electronic communications with a Government representative. From...
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