Foundations of American Government

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Foundations of American Government
I believe the five pathways for change were put here to guide us in becoming a more efficient government and to give different examples of how to go about change in America. All of the pathways are important but to me the most important is the lobbying decision makers’ pathway. “Lobbyists are said to be advocates, someone who represents a specific side of an issue. According to Thomson Gale Legal Encyclopedia, A lobbyist and a lawyer have similar attributes whereas the lobbyist targets the legislative point of view and the lawyer targets the judicial point of view. Lawyers provide facts on different perspectives on legal issues dealing with the case; And lobbyist offer local, state, and federal policymakers a variety of point of views on public policy issues. (Nadler & Schulman, 2006).” The most popular issue that has lobbyists at an outrage right now is the Obama healthcare plan. There is also a large outbreak of lobbyists in Colorado wanting to lower student loans. But the most fascinating story I have come across is a soda ban in New York. Being a lobbyist may seem like an easy job to obtain but actually it takes patience, persistence, and desire to conquer the task at hand. The Obama healthcare plan has raised a lot of eyebrows especially those of lobbyist and this is what they had to say about his healthcare plan. Will Newton, executive director of the National Federation of Independent Business/Texas stated, His organization supported the court’s opinion, but his team of lobbyist is headed to try and get Congress to repeal the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act and exchange it with something more affordable. (Newton, 2012). He goes on to say how the act never mentioned anything about the cost, members of his organization confirmed that prices had indeed increased and had risen over 110 percent in the last decade. Small and large business owners want to drop employees’ healthcare benefits, due to the fact that...
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