Digital Marketing in India

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Digital marketing is an addressable marketing method where relevant marketing communications are delivered to individuals through the e-mail, Web, and mobile channels using an e-mail address, a Web browser cookie, and a mobile phone number. 

Live scenario of digital marketing in India

 Digital marketing is still at its initial phase in India. Most of the companies are still thinking to adopt the medium while many top brands have already rolled their digital marketing campaign. Seeing the large number of youth population in India (More than 40% of total population of India, around 460 millions youth is there, in which 333 millions are literate) and the rising technology savvy young generation, corporate will be more than happy to engage the target audience and spread their products & services among them via digital media. Thus there will be a Big Change in coming future.

Indian digital marketing scenario has changed tremendously after the it boom, India with 60,000,000 internet users provides a very good platform for online marketing. Also with a growth rate of over 1000% the potential looks good too. The penetration is a mere 5.2% - but which is actually good.

The cream of the society - the people most likely to have pockets deep enough to trade or make purchases online are among the 5.2% of the population. This makes targeting these high-end profiles easier & your leads are more likely to be converted. 

However, one area of concern is the support operations that help convert the leads into sales. These are mainly call centres & back offices that are responsible for following up on the leads that are provided to them. But the staffs at these organizations in India is many a times not that well trained for digital marketing & usually the high potential leads are lost due to inability of the staff to convince the lead. The lead is mostly very expensive. They get one lead after incurring a huge cost through a lot of clicks. 

Hence, more than educating internet users it would be vital to train the support teams so as to consolidate the current amount of leads that you are getting. Otherwise, we many end up in a situation where we have high demand, high potential but inadequately trained staff to service the lead

• While in many countries Digital Media course has emerged as one of the mainstream degree but here in India it is still under the control of digital media agencies who took the initiative to teach people on Digital Marketing with live projects.

• Many of the premier business schools are in a positing (of course seeing the demand) to run the digital marketing program. But most of them are running short of the quality faculties.

Further insights have revealed that an average Indian spends 45 minutes on Facebook  in a day. The huge number of smart phone users with apps adds up further to the consumer base for brands to interact and take opportunities. The recent hit of the “Kolaveri Di” song, reaching more than 50 million users globally is a measure of the impact and spread of internet.

The digital media playing field in quite huge providing accommodation to a list of brands, but yet to be utilized to its fullest potential. This year the marketers need to take the online test for their brands and get rewarded with the vast target market to be acquired....
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