Digital Equity

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Running head: Digital Age

Grand Canyon University:

With the increase of internet usage and the use of the digital technology consumers have impacted the way we look at health services and the health care delivery system. Because consumers are seeking health information online it makes use reevaluate the way we think of the medical information we receive from our primary care provider and the relationship between that provider and his patients. Many consumers seek information for themselves, for friends and family. Consumers seek health information via the web, phone, fax, email system, discussion boards, social networks, forums, and bulletin boards. The anticipated shifts in service are secondary to the lack of education, literacy skills, and mistrust of providers, poverty, and the lack of health coverage. “Consumers across all categories of age, education, income, race, ethnicity and health status increased their information seeking significantly, but education level remained the key factor in explaining how likely people are to seek health information” (Tu, Cohen, 2008). A second reason for a change in service utilization is the high cost of medical treatment and the insurance premiums that patients must pay. With the increase of financial responsibility patients have an increase motivation to obtain health information and weigh in on their options for treatment and payment. By using the internet consumers have a valuable tool that empowers them, reduces social isolation, and helps consumers identify medical issues. One of the most critical ways in which the power of information can influence consumers is by finding ways to support the consumer emotionally.

The District of Columbia and their federal government has released a new regional health information organization (RHIO) designed to improve the way health care is delivered. By encouraging the use of the Health information technology (HIT) they are improving care. The...
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