Reflecting on Sources

Topics: Health care, Barack Obama, Health insurance Pages: 6 (1728 words) Published: August 12, 2012
Healthcare Reform
Ebony Nicholas
Kaplan University

CM 220- 35
Prof. Judith McNeely
Aug. 30, 2011

Unit 4 Project: Reflecting on Sources
Complete all three parts of the worksheet below. Be sure to cite all sources in APA format, including using in-text citations and reference page citations in the spaces provided. The writing should be in Standard English and complete sentences. The sources noted in this worksheet should be related to your "big idea," which is the basis of your final project in this course. Save this document to your computer, and submit it through the Unit 4 dropbox, per the instructions in the classroom under Unit 4's Project Description. Part I: Pre-Interview Worksheet

Directions: Complete each section of the Pre-Interview Worksheet below. Although students are not required to conduct an interview as research for the final project, the process of thinking about potential questions and responses related to the final project topic will help stimulate further ideas and questions related to conducting relevant and reliable research. Of course, you may also decide to interview the person discussed here or another appropriate subject and use the material in your upcoming projects as a primary source. Interviewer Name| Ebony Nicholas|

Interviewee Name| President Barack Obama|
Interview Method| Email|
Interview Location| If interviewing in person, where will it be conducted?| Have you seen the location yet? Not applicable| Interviewee Research|
Using complete sentences, describe the information you have found about the interviewee. Also, discuss why you have selected this person to interview. Include an in-text citation if you use information from a source (e.g., website).He is the 44th and current president of the United States. He is a graduate of Columbus University and Harvard Law School. He called for Congress to pass legislation reforming health care in the United States. He proposed an expansion of health insurance coverage to cover the uninsured, to cap premium increases, and to allow people to keep their coverage when they leave or change jobs. Obama signed the health care bill into law on March 23, 2010, featuring a public option also known as “government insurance plan”. (Wiki,2011,4.2.2)I am interviewing President Obama because he is the one that called for a reform in health care, so all of my answers lie in his hands. I agree with his decision to change the health care system and would like to know his honest opinion about our health care in the United States. On CBS News home page there an article interviewing President Obama written by Stephanie Condon that states, “President Obama said that one of the biggest questions he has had about his leadership as president was the slow pace of health care reform.” Following up with, “Mr. Obama made health care reform his first major priority as president” (Stephanie Condon, 2011).| Interview Topic Research|

Using complete sentences, discuss any information you already know or research you have found about the interview topic. Be sure to cite any information taken from sources.I have experienced many occasions where bad health care was administered and saw the need for a change. I have read quite a few articles about health care, president Obamas reform, and bad health insurance administration. I have realized while researching this topic that health care is a huge problem in the United States. I learned that President Obama launched a health care reform to try to fix the problem dealing with health care including reducing costs, physician involvement, and insurance. The bill passed in 2010, the Patient Protection and Affordable Care Act is enacted by President Barack Obama, providing of a complete system of authorized health insurance with reforms designed to eliminate "some of the worst practices of the insurance companies" (Wiki, 2011, pp.1).| Primary...
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