Digital Divide Paper

Topics: World Wide Web, Internet, Website Pages: 3 (1124 words) Published: December 19, 2012
Dear Pen Pal, I am so glad to hear of your interest in the everyday enhancing technology. One of the most up-dated technical resources is the internet. There are many different perspectives of the internet and it can become very addictive. You must be able to realize the difference in truth and fiction. Tremendous amounts of information are dumped into cyberspace every day without anyone being responsible for organizing it in a user-friendly fashion. It's not always easy to find specific information on a topic because the web lacks formal structure practically anyone can upload a home page or web site, allowing contributors a level of anonymity -- and with it, the potential for great irresponsibility found in few other media. I am always suspicious of what I search on the internet. I usually use more than one source if it is important especially for any of my class assignments. Although I sometimes make the mistake of believing internet information if it agrees with what I was already thinking. People sometimes forget that false information can become truth if it's repeated enough times. It’s easy to access web pages in which persons with unclear qualifications seem to speak with authority on complex topics, about which they may in truth have no real knowledge or expertise. The World Wide Web contains colossal networks of information that vary in quality and credibility. Many commercial websites don't provide author or publisher credentials, or don't include enough information to verify the content or currency of the site. While abundant websites provide reliable consumer information, many other sites contain untrustworthy, incorrect or misleading information. It is ultimately your responsibility to develop the skills necessary to critically evaluate the quality and trustworthiness of the information you find on the web. You can easily assess and evaluate the value of internet information or research sources through pre-evaluation and a thorough selection of...
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