Digital Chocolate

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  • Published : September 9, 2012
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1. How should Trip Hawkins organize the functions of the teams in Finland, India, Spain and California to move into the social network gaming world?

Digital Chocolate began as an innovator in a small new market and succeeded due to their ability to foster innovation and creativity in the mobile gaming industry. The social gaming market has opened opportunities to expand Digital Chocolate's horizons drastically. Trip Hawkins needs to promote a sense of urgency and to communicate the importance of the switch for the organization. The next most important step is to have employees get compensated by commission, thus offering a highly competitive environment. The best strategy is to base the social gaming division in Digital Chocolate's Barcelona location. The group in Barcelona is “energetic, young, creative and passionate” employees all skilled in creative development. Also, incorporate the deep smarts provided by Saurin Shah to allow for optimal success and be the manager and director of the social gaming team. The center in Barcelona allows for synchronous work, while the other teams create a virtual environment with asynchronous work. Keep all the other offices working in their areas of expertise and create teams that work virtually in conjunction with the Barcelona office at the remaining facilities. At this moment, Hawkins has limited time and resources and cannot be wasting time in reevaluating each operation center because it would cost valuable time and money to the company. Traditionally the focus of the Indian and Californian offices has been synching with different networks and systems, marketing and more administrative activities respectively. Continue these fundamental activities as the primary focus of these two operation centers. Allow team members at each location to do what they have traditionally done over the years, while incrementally incorporating the new social gaming aspect that the organization wishes to incorporate. Doing so will increase...
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