Different ways to Communicate across Nations

Topics: United States Pages: 1 (383 words) Published: April 12, 2011
Communication with my Friends and Family from Mexico vs United Stated After a long time, I found many different ways to communicate with my friends and family from Mexico vs United States. First, my friends and family than I can’t see and visit them very often in Mexico. The reason is because they are living very far from here. However, my family and friends than are living here in U.S.A. I can see and visit them very often. At second, because my family and friends in Mexico are very far I miss them a lot. They are a very important part of my life, so how I can’t see them often I miss a lot. In contrast, with family and friends from here, I don’t miss them a lot. The reason is because I can see then very often. Even than I’m seeing them often they are important my life. Next, with my family and friends in Mexico just can talk and see then by messages at facebook, phone calls or sometimes for Skype; which isn’t good because I can’t touch them. Also, when I sew them I’m still felling sad because I can’t stay by they side. In comparison, my friends and family from U.S.A. is totally different because I can talk with them by facebook, text massages, Skype, and phone calls. Besides, those forms to communicate whit my family and friends from here is than when I want to see them I can do it at anytime I want. Four, with my friends and family from Mexico when I talking with them I just speak Spanish all the time. The reason is because it isn’t their main language than they spoke and know. In comparison, with my friends and family from here I can speak English and Spanish. The reason is because almost all of them speak both languages. So for me is easy talking with them any time with both languages. In conclusion there are many different between my friends and family from Mexico that those from here. Both relations are very different, but I love the way than leave me communicate with my friends and family from both side even I those have many different.
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