Communication in a Diverse World

Topics: Communication, Nonverbal communication, Nursing Pages: 9 (3252 words) Published: November 22, 2011
Log One
The aim of day one was to raise awareness of the elements of communication in a diverse world. This was the introduction to Communication in a Diverse World with one of the outcomes being appreciating the value of promoting a safe and positive communication environment as well as indentifying own personal development issues in the context of communication and the diversity when working with not only the service users but with families, parents and carers. Communication is a way of using words to express our thoughts and feelings to another individual (Ellis, Gates and Kenworthy, 2003). Already I felt that I had to develop this outcome quickly not just for the nursing profession but for my own personal area of life. By the end of the session I became extremely aware of the effectiveness of good communication skills within the nursing profession, I recognise that this was the key fundamental skill in nursing.

We watched a DVD in the first session which outlined to me what patients really wanted from nurses. I learned that effortless things such as the right facial expressions, listening attentively, or the way we approach and converse to service users will make big differences. This will not only make the duty of care easier but will also create a trusting relationship between the service users and nurse (The Nursing Times (2007). An exercise was conducted in session which involved introducing each other, I felt nervous and limited in what to say simply because of the fear of being judged. I then learned that this may be how patients might feel if they have not been to a hospital before or on having to meet a healthcare professional for the first time. I in addition became knowledgeable of the importance of maintaining professional boundaries with service users (Nursing and Midwifery Code, 2008). Being aware of the difference between social and therapeutic relationship as this will improve on the way we worked and relate to service users. This could be achieved by me being clear of my expectations and check their understanding as this will avoid conflict or misunderstandings also among my colleagues. Furthermore became aware of the way I communicate without affecting the service user or colleagues’ feelings.

In conclusion to day one, my awareness to everything was increasingly improved, I am not suggesting that my way of dealing with communication before was in any way bad but I will say that, I had a mild approach to things, I now feel competent enough to approach people the right way with the right mind-set. Moreover assumption is out of my mentality, I am frequently reflecting back on my sessions and immediately I become tuned with the right approach to things.

Log Two
Day two aim was to define and explore essential human attributes required for working in partnership with individuals, one of the learning outcomes was to define and explore the therapeutic use of self, incorporating the qualities of kindness, sensitivity and compassion. This part of the module has increased my awareness of just how vital these three components are. They are needed in order to be a well developed member of the nursing profession. I learned that these components can be shown and defined in many different ways. I felt that every person involving themselves in the nursing profession must possess some form of empathy not just for the service users but for everyone around them. In my opinion therapeutic self means, knowing the professional boundaries between self and the service user, this includes me as the nurse to be clear of my own expectations as well as those of the service user and to make certain their understanding is checked carefully. Another way is being conscious of self disclosure, knowing what information is safe and relevant to reveal about myself. I learned that being congruent is another essence in nursing as we watch a DVD that touched the subject of honesty, this made me aware that service users...
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