Communication Modalities

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Communication Modalities

Communication Modality Used For Marketing in Health Care: Email

Miscommunication can be a significant challenge in the health care market. Strategies to improve communication with patients include a variety of communication modalities. Consumers and providers both benefit from the variety of communication modalities; one specific beneficial mode of communication used is e-mail. Providers, who have good communication relationships with patients led to patient satisfaction and trust. Patients have a sense of connection with providers and organizations when they can communicate with the provider at any given time. Although there are several communication modalities, new technologies like e-mail in the health care settings have shown a positive change in the health care industry, relating to patient benefits, the value of maintaining patient confidentiality, and maintaining this use of communication in the health care market.

Improving clinical outcomes stems from effective communication with patients and providers. New technology has increased the form of communication with patients and providers. E-mail is used to communicate with family, friends, co-workers, and health care professionals. The use of the Internet and e-mail communication has grown as new technology advance and continue to progress. E-mail seems to be an admirable way for patients to communicate with providers. Patients send emails to providers for various reasons such as laboratory results, prescription refills, and questions about follow-up care. Patients do have concerns regarding e-mail communication, but these concerns do not prevent patients to take advantage of this form of communication.

Email Benefits Patients

According to Miller, 2002 “the way in which doctors and patients interact can have important ramifications for health outcomes.” Patients, who reside in rural areas benefit from telemedicine, and the outcomes can improve the types of services provided. Patient care and outcomes generally have positive influences on the health care market when communication between patients and providers are clear and concise. Health care organizations as well as patients have many advantages communicating via e-mail. General communication between patients and providers was once a barrier; patients are more involved with their health care and address concerns more frequently than in previous years. E-mail has had a positive effective on the health care market; many organizations have taken advantage of this technology.

Communication via e-mail has many benefits to patients of all ages and races. Parents can communicate via e-mail with pediatricians, adults can schedule appointments, request refills, inquire about billing questions, and seek medical follow-up. E-mail in the health care market has advantages for patients such as convenience, access to care, patient satisfaction and quality of care. Interactions between patients and providers can be done without the need to schedule appointments, which allows physicians to provide more attention to patients who require their immediate attention.

Communication between Consumers and Providers

Maintaining patient confidentiality is an important aspect relating to the values of the health care market. The importance of maintaining patient confidentiality when using e-mail as the main source of communication is staying compliant with the Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act (HIPAA). Patients need to trust providers to maintain the level of confidence. Providers have to adhere to HIPAA regulations and not following the regulations is a violation of this legislation. Physicians have a legal and ethical obligation to maintain patient privacy, and confidentiality. Privacy concerns can have a negative affect on how patients select future treatment options, providers, and services. Patients have high expectation when dealing with their privacy; physicians and...
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