Different Types of Entry Modes Explained for Japanese Garment Market Using Case Study of a Imaginary Australian Garments Company

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  • Published: June 1, 2008
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1.0 Introduction
Japan, one of the most important garments markets in the world with almost every brand available. Many Readymade garments companies from all over the world want to take advantage of this large and diversified Japanese garment market. This report will give a brief description about Fashionable, a readymade garment company from Australia who want to enter into the Japanese market with their readymade garments. This report will also give information about the Japanese market. The main aspect of this report will be to discuss the various modes of entries available and the most suitable mode of entry Fashionable should choose to enter the Japanese market with its advantages, disadvantages and reasons to choose that particular mode of entry over other options.

2.0 Company Profile.
Fashionable Readymade Garments Ltd dates back to 1990, when the first Fashionable outlet opened in Melbourne, Australia. Over the review period, the company built up a reputation for selling quality garments like men’s wear and women’s wear. It developed a dual portfolio strategy that incorporated casual wear and formal wear. It also operated a number of outlets in other cities of Australia and New Zealand. One of the main reasons for the company’s success is the effective segmentation of its retail portfolio, with close attention paid to brand positioning and product offerings. For example, their brand Fash-Jeans caters to young and working adults with products in the mid-price range; while their other brand Sculler caters to working professionals. Fashionable has its manufacturing unit in Melbourne and it employee’s more than 500 people. It is one of the popular and fastest growing brands in the fashion and garment industry of Australia.

3.0 Overview of the Japanese RMG market
The market
The total Japanese market for all kinds of apparel is estimated at approximately yen 4,989 billion or US$ 41.2 billion. The apparel market in Japan was growing at 10-15%...
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