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Project plan for opening an upscale fashion boutique
General introduction and description of project
This is a project for opening an upscale fashion boutique, the duration of the project is 2012/4/15—2012/6/30. The boutique is located on Orchard road, the decorations of the boutique is important as it aims at the ladies from middle-class, it sells the the informal dress from Italy, and two female staffs are needed. The boutique must be equipped with a television to play the fashion shows from all over the world during operation time, in addition, an Italian sofa set is prepared for the customers for rest. Last but not the least, this project also includes the publicity of the boutique and the arrangement of a fantastic opening ceremony on 2012/7/1. The budget of this project is not exceed $55,000. Project Scope Statement

Project Objective
This project is to do the preparation work for opening an upscale fashion boutique and its opening ceremony within 75days ,the budget of this project is not exceed $55,000.

• A detailed market share for the current fashion market both in Singapore and Italy. • A good location shop on Orchard road.
• Application of the legal operation of the boutique.
• Well decorated both basic and interior of the shop with water and electricity. • Electric appliances includes a television, 3 air-cons and a cash register. • Furnished the boutique with a Italian sofa set and table. • Advertisements and brochures for the boutique.

• Invitation card to invite people to the opening ceremony. • A bottle of champagne and snacks in the opening ceremony. • A well arranged opening ceremony with an emcee.
• A small cat walks for models to show the clothes during the opening ceremony.

Find the venue and get the approvals of legal operation of the boutique ——May 22
Select the suppliers for the boutique —— June 1
The whole renovations and decoration of the boutique —— June 18 Furnish and equipped with electric appliances —— June 21 Hire the staffs —— June 23
Publicity and invitation —— June 27
Preparation for the opening ceremony —— June 30

Technical Requirement
Constructions within the boutique must comply with governmental construction rules. The constrution materials and products must meet National Standard. All windows and doors must pass industry standard test.

Floor insulation must meet the "B" class.
Ceiling insulation must meet the "A" factor of construction rules.

Limits & Exclusions
Owner responsible for the quality of the clothes.
Some work inside the project have to find other subcontractors, contractor responsible for the parts that the subcontractors take in charge of. Working time is limited from 6:00 p.m. To 8:00 a.m.
Lighting fixture is not included.
The part of interior design work is done by the owner.
Project Priority
After finish the project scope statement, establish the project priorities. As quality is constrain in every project, there are trade-offs on cost, time and scope. Here is the project priority Matrix of this project:

| | Time |Scope |Cost | |Constrain | ● | | | |Enhance | | ● | | |Accept | | | ● |

As the boutique is confirmed to have a opening ceremony on July 1, all the works must be finished on June 30, therefore, it is a time constrain project. As the scope of the project, try to do the best of the preparation work for the boutique and arrangement for the opening ceremony, it is expected to have a enhanced performance. There is a big budget at $55,000, the owner have a big investment on this project, thus...
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