Business Plan——Video & Photo Making Studio

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Business Plan
——Video & Photo Making Studio

1. Company Overview
1-1 Company Background
When people have been getting old, they really want to do something to stay their time and catch every moment of their life, so people try to take pictures or record videos for the precious occasions; however, most of them don’t have good devices or professional skills to help them hit their targets. Therefore, some companies showed up, and they claimed that they could help people preserve their important memories. But the products of those companies are uneven in their qualities; a lot of customers not only complained about the awful things they got but also felt sad about their lost remembrances. For those fore mentioned situations, our company will be born to help people solve those problems. We have a professional team, cutting-edge equipment, and latest skills, so we can offer the best products with excellent qualities for customers. Moreover, we will not only customize each product to match every customer’s need but also provide different kinds of services for customers to choose. 1-2 Product and Service

Our product and service is shooting and making professional and unique films or videos for the people who are interested in preserving their memories. Our products and services contain wedding films, other occasional films, personal or family video, special documentary, music video, etc. 1-3 Mission Statement

We make perfect and unique videos/films and provide customized services for ordinary people by our professional teams, advanced equipment and latest skills. In our company, all our clients can become the superstars in their life and obtain the lively memories forever. 1-4 Strategy Statement

We will establish company in Shanghai, China with image stores and filming bases to offer our advanced and unique products to the clients who are high income groups in five years. Our targets are earning the revenue as $200,000 per year and building our reputation as a brand in the markets to compete with other mature companies by our professional teams and technologies. 1 Market Analysis

2-4 General Statistics - Shanghai
Shanghai is the commercial and financial center of mainland China, and ranks fifth in the 2011 edition of the Global Financial Centres Index published by the City of London. Located at the heart of the Yangtze River Delta, Shanghai has the world’s busiest container port. It is also one of the main industrial centers of China, playing a key role in China’s heavy industries. 2-5 Target Customer

The target customers for our company to focus on are those who have higher income as much as 50,000 dollars or more per year. When classify our products into the Entertainment and Service industry in Shanghai, we can realize that the competition in this field is so fierce because there are numerous related companies from big brands to small ones sharing the pieces of the whole market. To build our brand characteristics and earn more money in the market, we make our target customers as the rich groups who have the interests and also have the financial abilities to buy our products and services. With the higher prices, we will provide them the best and unique products by our advanced technologies and professional skills. 2-3 Industry data analysis

One of our key market subjects could be the wedding market depending on the fact that the celebrations of wedding in China are really grand and usually the new couples even don’t care about the costs in these situations. According to this, we analysis the wedding market firstly. We use the database as to search the wedding companies in shanghai. The result shows that there are approximately 300 companies which offer wedding planning to the new couples from big companies to small studios. Among them, about 250 companies provide wedding filming services. A few of these companies also have the services as making ‘Love MV’...
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