Difference Between Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment and the Impact of Star Model on Job

Topics: Motivation, Management, Employment Pages: 3 (822 words) Published: February 21, 2013
Job Enlargement
Job Enlargement is a job design method that adds more responsibilities, duties and workload so that the employee doesn’t feel bored or uncoordinated at the workplace. Job enlargement can add variety in the job giving the employee more wider and not limited number of tasks. It helps the organization to utilize the worker fruitfully. It also increases the simulation for the worker. Example: For instance, in a graphic designing company, an employee who does work in Photoshop to create images for the websites can also be used to create graphics and icons for print media and mobile devices. He or she can also be given the responsibility to work closely with the programing team and supply initial interface design. This will just increase his or her workload but working for different media or team will be challenging. Job Enrichment

Job Enrichment is a job design method that incorporates motivational factors into it so that the job satisfaction increases for the employee. Job Enrichment builds on Herzberg’s two-factor theory of motivation, which distinguishes between motivational and hygienic factors for people at work. Rather than simply adding more responsibilities, an employee’s abilities are measured to address various work related challenges. Example: We can take the same example of the employee working in the graphics designing company. To enrich the job of the employee, he or she can be given an upgrade to his or her workstation. Giving the employee different challenging job that is necessary not related to creating graphics can also be a good example to job enrichment. The employee can work with the graphics customer department, for instant. This doesn’t necessarily increase the workload but it creates new work opportunity and brings satisfaction to the employee. Difference Between Job Enlargement and Job Enrichment

1.Job Enlargement can be related to quantity whereas Job Enrichment can be related to quality. 2.Job Enrichment is...
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