Texting While Driving

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Section 1: What is My Career Plan?

Section 2: How do I build My Career Plan?

Step 1: Complete the Career Interests Profiler to identify your career interests. Step 2: Complete the remaining three Career Plan Building Activities to determine your competencies, work culture preferences, and reasoning aptitude. Step 3: Add your career goal.

Step 4: Add tasks to develop your competencies.
Step 5: Complete tasks to pursue your career and track your progress.

Section 3: How does My Career Plan help connect my courses to my career goal?

Section 1: What is My Career Plan?

My Career Plan is designed to help you create a step-by-step plan to achieve your career goals. By completing the 4 Career Plan Building Activities you will learn about your career interests, competencies, work culture preferences and thinking style.

With My Career Plan, you can:

• Learn about careers that interest you
• Add a career goal
• Determine competencies that can help you achieve your goals • Recognize the relevance of your courses in regard to your career goal through conversation with peers, faculty, Advisors, Counselors and mentors • Set up career-development tasks to work toward your goal • Receive support as you work to achieve your goal

If I am not searching for a job, does this still apply to me?

Yes. My Career Plan can help you no matter what your employment status is.

Job Seekers find it takes time to research jobs, build a professional network, and develop competencies when looking for a new job. My Career Plan will provide them with reminders and tools needed to begin steps in a job search now.

Job Advancers look to improve their performance and get promoted. The competencies and tasks selected will provide useful activities to focus on. Job Advancers may select activities with a focus on personal growth as well as tracking their education program progression.

To get the most out of this tool, use it while you are taking courses instead of at the end of your course program. [pic]

How often should I use My Career Plan?

You can use My Career Plan regularly to work on your competency-development tips, review career-development tasks, and track your progress in both. In addition, you may need to adjust the timelines you set. Check back regularly to make sure you are following your schedule and are on target to complete your goals.

Where do I go for help?

If you have additional questions, refer to the Help PET within My Career Plan for technical support (see the illustration below). The Help Pet is located in the tools area to the top right of your eCampus screen. This Help section will provide tips and specific instructions for: • Understanding the main My Career Plan page and the Timeline

• Completing the Career Plan Building Activities to the right of your Career Plan

• Working with the task list and editing tasks


Section 2: How do I build My Career Plan?

To build and use My Career Plan, complete five main steps as shown in the following illustration.


Step 1: Complete the Career Interests Profiler to identify your career interests.

Learn about your career interests and related careers with the Career Interests Profiler. You may have used Career Interests Profiler on Phoenix.edu before enrolling with the university or during UNIV 100 or 101. If so, please complete it one more time in eCampus. .

You must complete your Career Interests Profiler before completing the Career Plan Building Activities in the next step. These activities were designed to build upon each other and cannot be completed out of order. The Career Interests Profiler includes 18 questions and can be completed within 5 minutes. NOTE: The Career Interest Profiler can only be attempted once per student account. Please contact the student help desk if...
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