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  • Published : December 5, 2012
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NUTRI 300/FCS 340 Nutrition
Dietary Analysis Project- Part II


Part II of the dietary analysis project involves an in-depth analysis of your diet by comparing your dietary intake to the recommendations for macronutrients and micronutrients. It will be based on your 3-day average intake and the reports that you printed out.

Before you begin PART II, make the changes to part I of your project based on my comments and any other errors you see. It is important to make these changes in order to improve the accuracy of Part II and to receive full credit. That means you will have to re-print your reports if you made any mistakes.


1. Using your average 3 day intake report titled “Energy Nutrient Intake and DRI Goal Ranges Compared”, find the graph showing the percentage of calories for protein, carbohydrate and fat and use this information to complete the following table. 2 points

|Percent of calories from: |YOUR percentage: |RECOMMENDED percentage: |Are you over, under, or right on target? | |Protein |22% |10-35% |On target | |Carbohydrate |43% |45-65% |Under | |Fat |31% |20-35% |On Target |


2.Using the computer generated report titled “Intake Spreadsheet” review Days 1, 2 AND 3, find the three foods (3 different foods) that provided you with the greatest amount of CARBOHYDRATE in your diet over the three days you recorded. Highlight these foods on your spreadsheet (using a highlighter) and write those foods in the spaces below. 2 pts


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