Diary Entry for Elizabeth (Frankenstein)

Topics: English-language films, The Help, Thing Pages: 1 (321 words) Published: April 7, 2013
Dear diary,
What kind of man is born to not care of his own family or relatives due to some kind of project, design, experiment. These are the ones who have nurtured us to this stage and when they are in trouble, how Victor deceives his parent. My thoughts of this unknown mysterious kind of object are unknown, out of this world. What could be more important than his mother nearly dying, suffering through atrocities where her own son is not present. My plan is to figure out this item or object under this sheet. I hope friend Clerval will assist me in this. I have explained the story to him and he has promised me to help him. But till then I am here in this small Inn with no updates on mother. I cannot describe the change between the connection between mother and Victor. Before he used to bond with mother by going on short strolls, helping with little things like dusting, grocery shopping. When Victor used to get ill, mother would leave work and help in all needs. She would dash to the Pharmacy to retrieve the best medicine possible. But when his own mother is in need of this he just would not help. My plans on this shall be first to see this ‘thing’. Then if possible to dispose this, get rid of this anyway possible. I shall distract him someway with the help of a worker in his house. His worker had explained to me, ‘He has been tucked away into his cellar for many years, he would only come for food and sleep. ‘ This has improved my knowledge that this is something big. Clerval will be on this case at about 6am as Victor rises up early. Furthermore I shall write up tomorrow night. I shall also make my best efforts to leave as soon as possible with Victor as mother needs aid. -Elizabeth
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