How Does Isolation Play a Big Role in the Novel Frankenstein

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  • Published : January 19, 2011
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Isolation is the seperation from others whether it is emotionally or physically. Throughout Frankenstein this became a issue where they tried to destroy each other. Frankenstein creation is the most obvious victim who suffers alienation, but Victor himself suffer isolation, yet the creature suffer from defection of society due to being rejected and not accepted by others. However, isolation led to Victor and the creatures self destruction. Victor brought Isolation upon himself, throughout his life. Victor was deprived of “rest and health” and worked hard for nearly two years, while he isolated himself in his chamber creating the creature. After creating the creature Victor went into emotional isolation coping with the fact of creating the monster. Isolation became a unhealthy issue for victor, where nothing didn’t seems’ important to him at the point where he became more obsessed of this idea of creating this creature. Victor lived in his own world, where he ignored everything around him, not evening responding to the letters that was sent by his family…” I know that why you are pleased with yourself you will think of us with affection, and we shall hear fron you regularly. You must pardon me if I regard any interruption in your correspondence is proof that your other duties are equally neglected. Victor family felt ignored by him and wanted him to understand that what he was dong affected them all . Victor ignored his father’s wish and isolate himself from his family since “ He could not tear my thought for my employment. Unlike Victor, the creature was forced to lived in isolation from society. Since nobody could take the “ breathless horror’’ that was presented by the creature’s appearance, this made it impossible for the creature to socialize with any humans. The creature was hated and rejected from the moment he was created though, the horrible image of his physical appearances, physically isolated him from society. The only person that actually accepted...