Frankenstein Essay

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  • Published : May 15, 2013
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Trevor ****
English 1C
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April 2, 2013
Ethical Critical Approach
Mary Shelley’s science fiction novel, Frankenstein, is a Gothic horror story that captures reader’s attention leaving them with questions of their own morals and of the main characters. The novel arouses questions like, who should be allowed to create life? Is it right to kill for a greater good? Are some secrets best untold? These are all questions of morality and individuals will come up with their own opinions and answers based on their upbringing. In Frankenstein, main characters Victor Frankenstein and ‘The Monster’ are morally put to the test with decisions that will greatly affect their lives. In the end many readers find themselves wondering who are the antagonist and protagonist of the novel; Did Victor do wrong by creating The Monster, or did the Monster do wrong by killing innocent people? In this case both made morally bad decisions but in the end one decision had more of a lasting impact. The Monster’s quest of killing is only justified due to the fact that he was hunting his creator.

To begin with this analysis it is necessary to start with Victor because he is the creator of the Monster. Victor’s passion in the field of science led him to his discovery. Victor was a self educated man until the age of 17 when he left his home in Geneva to pursue higher education at the Ingolstadt University. His favorite professor, Mr. Krempe, pushed Victor to broaden his studies to all fields of science and that is when his fascination with life and living objects began. Victor’s obsession with recreating life kept him at the university for over two years studying cadavers and how the body worked. Victor’s motive was not to create a human being that would do his chores for him and take care of him, he hoped his “present attempts would at least lay the foundation of future success” (Shelley 33). His mind was in the wrong place; he was set on what doors it could open in the...
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