Diabetes Outline

Topics: Insulin, Diabetes mellitus, Nutrition Pages: 3 (314 words) Published: December 13, 2012

Diabetic is disease that struck people around the world. It is a disorder of high levels of

blood glucose with disturbance of carbohydrates, fat, and protein in the body.

I. Explanation of the disease.

1. Causes and risk factors

A. Type One and Two diabetes are autoimmune system that contributes

with minimizing glucose to the blood.

B. Pancreas does not produce enough or nothing of insulin to the blood.

C. People who do not eat healthy, exercise, or come from a first degree

relative diagnosed are entitled on becoming diabetic. Pregnant females

are highly to expose this disease.

2. Options of treatment.

A. Exercising, eating healthy.

B. Oral medication or injections of insulin.

II. Environmental risk factors.

1. What may cause or contributes to this chronic disease.

A. Fast food restaurants and produce that market sell today.

B. Advertisements that affect individuals.

C. Chemicals that arouse from living conditions.

III. Risk factors there are controllable or uncontrollable.

1. What treatments can maximize or minimize the risk of diabetes.

2. Types of diabetes we manage to inhibit.

A. Type One diabetes can affect children or younger adults with weak

immune system.

B. Type Two diabetes can affect adults over 40 years when decreasing of


IV. Some reliable web or community resources

1. Ways we can to learn from this disease.

A. Health clinics are a reliable source to teach and help to prevent the

cause of disease to take action.

B. There are links to websites that collaborate with institutes with

information via chat or electronic messages to help understand or

research diseases.


Many diseases are treated, cured, or contained. Diabetes is one disease that is

maintained with treatments, physical fitness, and well balanced diet. It has its risks,...
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